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Show Notes for the

Standing Out in Ohio Podcast

Here is where you can find some show notes and some link to items mentioned.

If you live in Ohio, and want to share your story please let us know so we can schedule a time for that podcast.

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Do not worry about how you will sound or if you believe you messed up speaking. We will edit out the mistakes and any long pauses. We will also send you a general outline of the show ahead of time so you can think of things to talk about. We can help you in this area as well. Recording only takes 30-40 minutes (it varies with how long we talk, it is a conversation after all). 

The goal is to help get the guests known in the area and to hopefully teach something useful or an idea that sparks someone to improve.

We can record in the Columbus office or over Skype (must have headphones to help block out background sounds and echos if recording over Skype). 

Episode 5 Feb 2020 Jim talks goals    Here is the free goal spreadsheet template

Here is a link to the book Profit First on the image to the right. It is well worth

the read or listening to an audio version of it. 

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